Lollipop Lane - Prospectus

Time and Cost

We are open between 9.15am and 12pm Monday to Thursday, during school term time.

Fees are currently £9.50 per morning session and are payable monthly, in advance. Individual invoices will be given out at the beginning of each month. A mid- morning snack consisting of milk/water and a piece of fruit and wholemeal toast or plain biscuit is included in the price. We also offer a transfer service to Rhws school PM nursery session for a small additional fee (£4.00) that will total £13.50 for playgroup and transfer service.


Activities at Lollipop Lane are planned (through play) to meet all areas of children’s development and the areas of learning laid down in the Welsh Assembly Governments publication “Desirable Learning Outcomes” (copies of these are available on request). Activities will include sand and water play, painting, playdough, construction toys, small world play, craft work,home corner and role play, nursery rhymes, action songs and story time. We aim to engage every child and give individual attention through adult led activities ut also to encourage free play where children can choose their own agenda. Physical play will include bikes, cars, balls, mini gym, slides, parachute play, beans bags and music and movement sessions.

Parent/Carer Information

Information about the routine and activities on offer will be displayed daily on the parents/carers planning file. Both topics for the term and related weekly activities will also be shown, together with information on any forthcoming special events or activities. Letters will keep you up to date on forthcoming dates for your diary and questionnaires will be sent out which will help us to monitor the quality of our service and any suggestions you may have are always welcomed. Staff are available on a daily basis to respond to any queries or concerns. Children will also bring work home on a regular basis but please bear in mind that it is your child’s work and all children will be encouraged but not made to participate in craftwork and topic related activities, so they may not always bring work home if they have not chosen to take part. The progress of each child is assessed and recorded and used as a basis for planning a curriculum for each child. Records are available for discussion with parents/carers at any time.

Settling In

Settling in procedures are flexible and based on the individual needs of the child and parents. We have an “open door” policy and you are welcome to make as many visits as you feel necessary with your child prior to their actual start date, and afterwards if necessary staying for all or part of the session. We feel happier when you have seen and experienced all that is on offer and feel secure and happy to leave your child in our care.. The treatment of each child as an individual is paramount. Some children take longer than others to settle in and you should not feel worried if this happens.

Waiting Lists

We operate a waiting list and children on the list obviously have priority in order of their date of birth. However, should an older child move into the area and need a place , we will endevour to accommodate them. This will also apply to children with special needs.

What to wear

There will be messy and physical play and in order to feel free to experiment and explore with all the equipment and activities on offer, clothes should be easily washable and not restrict the child’s movements. Children at this age also need to practice skills which will encourage and further develop their independence. Clothing which they can cope with themselves enables them to become less dependent on the help of others.


Lollipop Lane Playgroup is registered by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales (CSSIW) and unannounced inspections are regularly carried out.

Signing In

At the start of each session we ask you to sign in your child on a specific daily register and indicate who will be collecting your child that day. We will also need you to provide (in a sealed envelope) a password that is to be used in the event of a non-designated person picking up your child at your request, in the event of an emergency or unavoidable delay.

Please Provide:

A change of clothes in case of accidents and nappies/wet wipes and nappy sacks (if appropriate) Please don’t feel pressured into toilet training your child/getting them dry before they start playgroup. It would also be really helpful if bags are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Can you help?

We always welcome involvement from parents/carers but unfortunately due to financial constraints we have to ask that any help is given voluntarily. If you would like to be involved in some way, please speak to one of the staff at any time. Homelinks: we may from time to time ask if children can bring in certain items from home to help with a particular project e.g shoe boxes to make aquariums.


Please take time to read and familiarise yourself with playgroup policies and procedures which are readily available on request. All policies are designed to offer the best possible environment and experience for the children and families in attending our playgroup. The policies are reviewed regularly and updated as necessary. Any comments and/or suggestions are always welcomed.


The adult:child ration for 2 year olds is 1adult:4 children and 1 adult:8 children for 3 year olds in accordance with recommendations for good practice.

Staff at Lollipop Lane Playgroup hold relevant child care qualifications and have considerable experience. Staff training is ongoing.

Contact Information

The Celtic Way Community Centre telephone number is 01446 711791 between 8.45am and 12.30pm Monday-Thursday or outside of those hours please contact Playgroup leader Mrs Sophie Grinter on 07814 009 226.